learning outcome-10

source:Photo  source:Photo In this we learned some of the main acts on copyright and related rights act . The four we learned where Copyright and related rights act. Is a legal concept that is enforced by government to protect the authors of original work so no one can copy it without permission . It used […]

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Digital media 5- music

We named a few types of music like R&B indie ,techno ,country ,house ,hip hop .Then we looked at the different formats digital music can come in and the main difference between mp3 and wavs. Wavs are bigger files and have much better sound quality the high and low frequencies are taken out of mp3 […]

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Personal effectiveness techniques

Communication can be used in all different ways such as helping you get you point across and giving insturctions to people ways of communicating are talking, hand-signals, sign language, phone, viber, Skype ect . Being assertive is a core communication skill. Being assertive means that you express yourself effectively and stand up for your point of view, while also respecting the rights […]

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Movie review dead pool

“Deadpool” is the cinematic equivalent of that kid in school who would always say how much he didn’t care what people thought of him, but just loud enough so everybody could hear him. It is the teenager who pretends to be too cool to care, but wants you to like him so badly it hurts. […]

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Media Expression unit 5

We mainly looked at recording video and audio and how to set up the camera and tripod  took some video with different shots like Panning, close up, full shot, mid shot, then took the sd card and transferred the video to the computer then onto adobe premier and edited it then finally uploaded it to youtube…. 

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