Graphic design learning outcome 7

2008-10-11-BarackisHope.jpg Keith-Haring-by-Shepard-Fairey-.pngUnknowns.jpg

Shepard Fairey is a street artist and graphic designer  with a very interesting style. The majority of his art is socially or politically motivated commenting on elections, and many more political and social issues. He was born on February 15th 1970 in South Carolina, USA. He graduated from Idyllwild Arts Academy California and he earned his bachelors from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence Rhode Island in 1992. Shepard Fairey was interested in skateboarding he worked in a skateboard shop while he was studying art. Shepard Faireys style is highly reminiscent of old communist propaganda art this is referred to as constructivist art. His art uses a heavy amount of red and uses creams and light colours where you would generally use white as a negative space. He generally does graffiti art and stickers his most famous piece of work is his Obama piece hope.


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