learning outcome-10





In this we learned some of the main acts on copyright and related rights act . The four we learned where

Copyright and related rights act. Is a legal concept that is enforced by government to protect the authors of original work so no one can copy it without permission . It used to just apply to books n=but these days it its include in film and music too.

Data protection act. Is to protect the personal details of and individual or organisation which have to use the information fairly and use it for only one or more clearly stated and lawful purpose.

Consumer protection act. Most people shop online these days so the consumer protection act is in place to give the customer more protection when buying online incase they get a faulty product or not what was advertised.

Defamation act. Means to publish untrue remarks about someone that may damage their reputation.

Internet policy provides employees with rules and guidelines about the appropriate use of company equipment network and Internet access.



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