learning outcome 2 – Digital media Technology in organisations


In this learning outcome we looked at digital media technology and new ways for business to communicate and how digital media helps business .

  • communication is much faster these days thanks to the likes of email.
  • makes it easer for people to collaborate on projects.
  • Have meetings on Skype to people in different countries.


Amazon Can be used to buy products for a better price and is convenient.

Done Deal Is an easy way to sell stuff to people in Ireland and get it fast.


mathsforfun.ie Is an easy and fast way to learn maths in your own home.

Duolingo Is a continent way to learn a new language.


Gov.ie Is where you can find out citizens information and anything to do with the government.

Revenue.ie Is where you can do your personal tax and business tax.

Communication Information by speaking or writing.

email Sending messages by the internet.

Customer Person who buys goods or services from a shop or business.

E-Commerce  transactions done electronically on the Internet.

CRM C-R-M stands for Customer Relationship Management.




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