graphic design learning outcome 1


In this learning outcome we we explained the process in graphic design and what it graphic design .Then looked at the design and the 7 steps to help bring whatever your doing to life. Then we wrote down the name of each stage and gave a definition of the stage.Graphic design is needed when you need to crate something amazing like posters apps and logos .

  1. Brief: meeting between the client and the graphic designer
  2. Research: graphic designer conducts research to gather information
  3. Brainstorming:Holding a group discussion to produce ideas.
  4. Thumbnails:designer makes small sketches to see whether their ideas work
  5. Development of Ideas:Designer selects the best thumbnails and develops them
  6. Client Presentation:Designer then presents their ideas to the client and they discuss the artwork
  7. Preparation of Finished Artwork:Client has approved the artwork the designer prepares to hand the project over to the printer



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