Types of lenses





fish eye lens used to take round shaped photos






telephoto lens used to take photos of subjects you cannot get close to Canon+135mm+2.0L+-8.jpg



wide angle lens used for landscape and everyday phtography




Digital media learning out come 2-using a digital camera 

_DSC0165.JPGWriting my name

_DSC0167.JPG_DSC0163.JPGDrawing a shamrock and mickymouse ears.

We learned photography basics how to take the SD card out clean the camera lens and body and also how to hold the camera correctly and proper stance while taking photos .We also named different lenses and there uses and different types of photograpy like long exposure and light painting. Then looked at time laps and stop-motion and photo taking tips. Then drew the symbols for timer battery etc.

We chose from 3 options I picked light painting using a low shutter speed on the D90 we drew a shape with the light on are phones and these are the photos we came out with.


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