Media expression unit 6

Unknown.jpgcredit for photo

We learned about health, safety, welfare, and personal hygiene, and the risks of working in media production then brainstormed some of the risks like stunts, attacked buy animals, drown in water, working at hight, war zone, shot, captured explosion/fire.

Then we looked at some of the hazards you might encounter when working on a location film shot then listed some of the hazards like water, sun, natural disasters, height, weather, location politics.

Then what resources you would need to have on location to minimize anyone getting a serious injury then listed some more like first aid, ambulance, fire brigade, rescue boats,life vests, hi-vis vests, PPE.

Then what health and safety procedures would you need to have in place then listed some of them like fire extinguisher, evacuation plan, emergency exit, insurance, marking the hazards, training.

And finally what welfare facilities and hygiene considerations would be in place and also listed what we taught where needed like portaloo, hand washing stations, catering, breaks, time of.


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