fresh film festival

On thursday we met in town to go to the irish film festival to watch people films and judge them at the end. my favorite one was scavenger witch I voted for. Well we where there i was focusing on what we would need to make a good film to beat these ones and i found […]

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Media Expression unit 5

We mainly looked at recording video and audio and how to set up the camera and tripod  took some video with different shots like Panning, close up, full shot, mid shot, then took the sd card and transferred the video to the computer then onto adobe premier and edited it then finally uploaded it to youtube…. 

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Media expression unit 4

credit for photo We prepared a short program  for the radio and Television including  production roles organizing the production plan and prepared the final running order and storyboard.  We started with creating a two page storyboard based on the script extract provided then read the running order provided in the appendix. Then prepared a new running order for a […]

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Media expression unit 6

credit for photo We learned about health, safety, welfare, and personal hygiene, and the risks of working in media production then brainstormed some of the risks like stunts, attacked buy animals, drown in water, working at hight, war zone, shot, captured explosion/fire. Then we looked at some of the hazards you might encounter when working on a location film shot […]

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TV Audience

credit for photo adult male audience /The chase adult female audience /My Big Fat Gypsy Valentine  teenagers /UEFA Champions League children /Dani’s Castle Definition of daytime radio Drive time Radio refers to dayparts in which radio broadcasters attempt to reach the large number of people who listen to their car radios while driving to and from work.  

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